Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Are you curious?

I'm always down to try a new beer.  While the realm of what I would normally seek out is on the more narrow side, much like with food, I'll try anything.  Last Friday night, The Beer Store in Nashua was hosting a tasting from the Traveler Beer Company of Burlington, Vermont.  I will preface that fruity beers initially make me skeptical but I will say that I was pleasantly surprised by their line.

Their flagship beer, the Curious Traveler, is a refreshingly light burst of lemon and lime layered over a slightly malty wheat beer.  When making a fruit infused beer, I think one of the most important features is to make sure there is a balance between the sweetness and the hoppy, beer notes.  Basically, I still want to be drinking a beer - not an alcoholic fruit juice.  Curious Traveler actually did a nice job finding this balance and putting out an easy drinking and refreshing beer that's a perfect compliment to a hot summer day.

My personal favorite beer in their collection is their Tenacious Traveler - a malted barley and wheat beer with a blend of fresh ginger and honey.  Personally, I love ginger and this beer has a great bite without being overpowering.  It has the same refreshing qualities as the Curious Traveler, but packs a little more of a flavor punch.

Time Traveler, their strawberry infusion, wasn't my favorite and probably not something I'd seek out again.  I felt the strawberry was a bit over powering, making an almost cloyingly sweet.  Honestly, just not my preference.

On top of a solid product, the packaging is adorably dapper with the handlebar mustache logo.  All in, it's a solid summer beer that's easy drinking and low enough in alcohol (4.4%) that you could drink it all day without feeling 2 sheets to the wind.