Blogs I Follow

- While our culinary philosophies vary quite a bit, I'm a huge advocate of the rustic, wholesome, quality food of Put That In My Face.

- 100 Days of Real Food is a great chronicle of a family's challenge to give up processed food.

- Blue Dog Farm has some fantastic tips on gardening, planning and when to plant.  It's given me quite a few great ideas for my own garden this spring.

Twirl & Taste has some amazing recipes and tablescape suggestions with great photography.

- Salad in a Jar... or how to eat dessert without dieting

-The Delicious Life: My newest blog obsession.  Gorgeous photography, thought provoking food and incredible writing

- Consumed Gourmet has some beautiful avant garde plating techniques, out of the box ideas and embraces molecular gastronomy full force

Things I Can't Live Without

- Looking to work of some of the weight that my recipes may have helped pack on?  Check out Ultimate Fitness of New England for a fantastic personal trainer.

- Hudson Valley Foie Gras... enough said.

- If you love food as much as I do, then tracking what you eat can be essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  I use My Fitness Pal everyday and it's been a great tool in being accountable for my food and exercise choices.  

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