Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Saga of the Duck Wonton

About a month ago, we were searching for a restaurant on a random Friday night.  After much deliberation and our standard procedure of analyzing online menus, we decided on Unum in downtown Nashua... driven almost entirely by the prospect of the duck confit wontons on their bar menu.  We arrive and the bar is packed, so we ask for a table.  I've working in restaurants my entire life and I couldn't imagine it being an issue ordering an appetizer off the bar menu while sitting in the dining room.  Apparently, I was mistaken... we were graciously informed by the manager (as he leaned over our table with his exposed chest hair poking out of his unbuttoned shirt) that their kitchen wouldn't be able to handle an order from the bar menu, in the dining room on a weekend night.  Mind you, we're sitting about 15 feet from the bar...

We overcame frustration #1 and decided to return 2 weeks later, sit at the bar, and enjoy what we imagined would be a deliciously decadent treat.  This will now lead us into frustration #2... the duck confit wontons have been removed from the menu.  They just never got around to updating the website.  But, we did receive confirmation from the bartender that the wontons were in fact, quite fantastic. 

We have since sworn off Unum... also taking into account that their food really just wasn't all that good.

This in turn, has lead us to tonight's culinary adventure... is it morally wrong to eat duck on Easter?  At least it's not rabbit.

My take on the duck wonton... a slow roasted duck breast (with deliciously crispy rendered skin), white truffle-spring onion risotto, sherry-poached apricots and a pinot noir/cranberry reduction... all wrapped in a crispy fried wonton wrapper and topped with a Hoisin-Plum sauce.  

James & Amber: 1
Unum: -2

Oloroso Sherry-Poached Sun-Dried Apricots

The Roasting of the Duck Breasts

Wonton Assembly Part 1

Wonton Assembly Part 2
The Final Product

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