Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Most Amazing Steak Sandwich Known to Mankind

So about 2 weeks ago, I was at H Mart (which for those of you who aren't aware, is an incredible Asian Supermarket in Burlington, MA.  If you haven't checked it out before, their seafood and meat selections are amazing) and picked up some extremely thinly sliced Kobe beef ribeye.  When I say thinly sliced, I mean the meat is cooked within 10 seconds of hitting the pan.  It was a slightly extravagant purchase compared to standard beef, but at 4 2oz portions for under $10, it was far from unreasonable.  Henceforth, this discovery has spawned the most decadent, delicious steak subs that you can ever imagine.

We started by pan girdling a multi grain One Bun (think whole grain sandwich thin shaped like a taco shell) and smeared it with a truffle aioli (egg yolk and a touch of dijon mustard emulsified with truffle oil and sea salt).  Next, sear your strips of meat for about 10-12 seconds a piece and stack on the bread with a thin layer (about half and ounce) of truffle tremor cheese.  Put the sandwich back in the pan, to melt the cheese and crisp the outsides.  We served it with an arugula, raspberry and pomegranate seek salad tossed in a crisp lime vinaigrette and topped with a fried quail egg.  The whole meal took less than  20 minutes to prepare and was certainly better than any restaurant steak sandwich I've ever had.

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