Monday, August 12, 2013

Bad, Bad Blogger...

To all my faithful readers - I apologize profusely.  I have been an awful blogger these past few weeks.  I could make excuses about how crazy things have been, however I'm just going to own up to the fact that I need to write more.  Over the next few days, you can expect some back logged restaurant reviews and recipes I've been really excited to share, despite my slacker-ness.

In the interim, I would love to share a recap of the [ocn] CrossFit 2013 Summer Games with you all (so you can at least see where a good chunk of my time has gone).  Here is the even recap and I have to say, I learned that I can push myself pretty damn far if I just try (a bit more on all of that to come).

Just to whet your appetite here's a few things that are in the works and on their way...

 *A New England classic Revived with a Modern Twist
 *Yes, Brussels Sprouts can be Delicious
 *Paleo Almond Joy Cupcakes
 *A Rare Coconut-Free Paleo Cookie
 *Finding Your Drive
 *The Best Values of Nantucket
 *Dinner, African Style

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