Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Find Your Weakness... and Destroy It

Winter in New Hampshire is starting to show signs of drawing to a close... halle-freakin-lujah.  While winter brings a few perks along with it, if I'm not careening down a mountain bound to a board, I'm not exactly a huge fan.  I don't do too well with cold in general.

Last year, as winter was wrapping up, I was just starting to get into my CrossFit routine, which led to a lot of positive lifestyle changes.  While I'm not looking to take on a new activity again this year, I do want to look at this as an opportunity to adapt some positive new habits into my everyday routine. I read a pretty great list this morning on 50 Ways to get Better at CrossFit written by Colin Suckert that really struck a chord.  I've made some really positive progress in the past few weeks and I would like to figure out some steps to keeping that moving in the right direction.  My 30 days of wall balls and pull-ups has yielded some solid results as well - I get far less winded doing wall balls than I had before and my pull-ups have come a long way.  After getting 12 strict chest-to-bars in open workout 14.2, I did manage to link 3 kipping pull-ups together.  I'm still not 100% there but they're definitely coming along faster than before.  This idea of taking my weaknesses and deciding to convert them into strengths might actually be on to something.  When I see pull-ups in a metcon now, I don't panic, I'm actually excited to work on them.  Woot for progress!

Next on the docket, along with continuing work on pull-ups, double unders.  They've transitioned from "I can't do these damn things at all" to "on a good day, I can string quite a few together," but I know there's a lot more ground to gain here.  Cheers to baby steps!

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