Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Can You Bake a Cake in Under 2 Minutes?

I know they're now all the rage, but I've been making mug cakes since I was in college.  I think my mother found the recipe in a Betty Crocker magazine and when the only cooking device you have at your disposal is a microwave, you learn to be resourceful.  Mug cake was a great way to make a tasty dessert quickly, with no perishable ingredients (think back to your college days, how hard was it to keep milk in that mini fridge without it expiring?).  I mean, who would argue with a warm, fluffy sponge cake that weighs in under 130 calories per serving?

In an air tight container, combine one box of angel food cake mix with one box of red velvet (you can substitute the red velvet for any flavor you like... devil's food is also quite tasty).  Combine the mixes well so they're incorporated into one another.

To make the cake, combine 3 tablespoons of cake mix with 2 tablespoons of water in a small coffee mug, stir well and microwave for 1 minute.  That's it.  What you get is a freshly "baked," light cake with a spongey texture.  I find it quite satisfying as a dessert without being overly filling.  You could also drizzle a tablespoon of Hershey's Lite Chocolate Syrup over the top and allow it to soak in for a denser texture.

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  1. Just blogged about this myself! I only heard about it from weigh watchers but they are so great!