Thursday, November 1, 2012

Beer for Dessert

I've decided that hurricanes are horrible for diets.  (1) Power outages encourage eating out of boredom and (2) you fear that everything in your refrigerator and freezer is going to spoil so you want to make sure you eat it beforehand.  Let's just say my clean eating plan was thrown a bit off kilter this past week.  We're back on track now but in our fear of loosing everything in our freezer, we did come up with a fantastic concoction that I wanted to share.  

On one of our many trips to The Beer Store, we picked up a large format bottle of Southern Imperial Creme Brule Stout (and letting beer skunk would have been sacrilegious).  I had also made a batch of Gingerbread Stout Ice Cream to go with mini pumpkin pies the previous week (and come on, who lets homemade ice cream go to waste?).  Although the ice cream was incredibly tasty, it was a bit tannic from the stout we had used so it needed a sweet component to offset it.  Enter the Creme Brule Stout.  This beer really was like drinking a liquid Guinness Creme Brule.  I would have preferred it if it actually was  bit hopper and less cloyingly sweet, but that really did make it a great paring with the ice cream. 

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