Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Scottish Gin... Who Knew?

After many years of being an avid whiskey purist, about two years ago while I was studying for one of my exams, I started opening my eyes to the world of white liquor.  Frankly, I always looked at is at boring and one note; my deepest apologies for prejudging.  Throughout my recent journey of discovery, I've tended to gravitate toward bolder gins - Hendricks, Plymouth and the like.  Never would I have thought twice about a gin distilled in Islay, Scotland by Bruichladdich, a company primarily known for their un-peated scotches.

Although their methods are a bit unconventional, the end product is pretty amazing.  They start with a brew of nine standard gin aromatics - juniper, angelica root, cassia bark, coriander, etc. - and then combine 22 indigenous, wild botanicals making this gin uniquely spectacular.  The 17-hour distillation produces a floral, but not perfume-y spirit.  On the nose, the first inhale is more traditional pine and cedar notes, but looking a bit deeper, you find subtle aromas of apple, menthol and lemongrass which carry over to the palate.  It finishes smooth with almost no burn, despite being 92 proof.  Try it mixed with Fever Tree Bitter Lemon soda over ice for a refreshing, not too sweet cocktail.

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