Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year, New Look

So I'm thinking with the onset of 2013 and considering my goals for the upcoming year, it was time for the Tipsy Cupcake to get a mini makeover.  Page designs are far from finalized and I'd love any feedback anyone is open to sharing (promise, you won't hurt my feelings).

Along with the new look, I'm committing myself to writing 100 thought provoking, inspired posts in 2013 and creating sub pages for reading lists, links, equipment reviews and the like.  While I'm not trying to take the culinary approach of my blog in a new direction, you can expect 2013 to bring on some more health conscious options (along with the occasional indulgence), as I have become bound and determined to take off the final 30 pounds of the "Not Your Average" 50 I've accumulated since moving home to Boston in 2008.  Three years of eating full-fat restaurant food ten meals a week does take its toll and unfortunately, it's twice as hard to get rid of it as it is to put it on.

I can proudly say that six months into my endeavor, I'm down 20 pounds and getting close to the physical strength I had back when I played rugby.  I do see the upcoming year as an opportunity to complete my journey and have resolved to do so - no excuses.

That aside, my cooking philosophies are still rooted in using fantastic ingredients in innovative and exciting ways as to "reinvent" them so to speak and I can assure you that that will continue.  I'm also hoping that my restaurant reviews will be just as thought provoking and inspiring as James and I have resolved to be more discriminating with our eating out practices in 2013 - thus fewer engagements but hopefully a higher caliber of dining to share with you all.  

Ideally, I'd like to see the photography element of my blog improve by the end of the coming year as well.  I know my photos aren't always the most inspiring and I'm hoping to work on changing that.

That being said, I would like to wish all of my readers a happy and healthy new year!  Here's a preview of the dinner I'm preparing for James and I... paying homage to a few of my favorite chefs who truly do inspire me everyday.

- Truffled Egg Custards with Procuitto Chips (adapted from Thomas Keller)
- Caramelized Carrot Soup (adapted from Nathan Myrhvold)
- Scallops Two Ways - Blood Orange Ceviche & with JalapeƱo Lime Harissa (adapted from Ken Oringer and Rick Bayless)
- Roasted Oysters (adapted from Amanda Freitag)
- Branzini with Coconut Milk, Kaffir Lime & Lemon Grass (adapted from Michelle Bernstein)
- Calimyrna Figs with fresh Ricotta, Hazelnuts and Blood Orange (adapted from Melissa Kelly)

Recipes coming after the new year.  Stay safe, eat well and drink good booze.

Happy 2013!

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