Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Maplebrook Farms Ricotta

I never thought I’d be raving about ricotta cheese.  It’s the bland, curdy mush that you layer into lasagna or stuffed shells, right?  Wrong.  Say farewell to the mass produced tubs of white paste and give a superior product a try.  Maple Brook Farms Hand Dipped, Whole Milk Ricotta is so rich, creamy and flavorful, I have to resist eating it straight with a spoon [no, I’m not kidding].  Actually, this ricotta is delicious on a slice of crusty French bread with a little bit of honey and some marcona almonds.  Not how you’d typically think of eating ricotta cheese, is it?  Another fantastic use – whisk a tablespoon into a egg whites with a  bit of fresh thyme for a light, fluffy texture. 

Maplebrook Farm [www.maplebrookvt.com] is a boutique cheese producer out of Bennington, Vermont that specializes in mozzarella, burrata, ricotta and feta.  While I’ve yet to try their other varieties, I’m willing to venture that they’re just as spectacular.  Cheese making is truly an art form and I’ve found that smaller producers really do show the care and finesse necessary to create a product worth of regard.  Also, I like supporting small businesses. 

Their website gives a great list of retailers that carry their products so check it out and make your next lasagna something to truly rave about, if you don’t eat all the ricotta first.   

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