Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Toffee Bar Won the Battle, but I Won the War...

Yesterday, I come into work with my little lunch bag, packed in all it's glory with paleo-rific meals and snacks to get me though the day and am greeted by a 5 pound tub of this chocolate, pecan, toffee, graham cracker confection my boss decided to make and bestow upon our office.  Thanks.  Normally I have a pretty high level of willpower in these scenarios, however if you put a toffee/praline bar in front of me, I pretty much want it in my face.  I think it's my love of butter.  I blame the butter.

Regardless of why I love them, my almond chicken tenders and sardines seemed way less appealing when I have the option of a sweet, butter toffee bar staring me in the face.  The point I'm slowly moving towards here (along with reminiscing about the gooey, buttery goodness), is that yes, I gave into the toffee bar.  I'm human, I have moments of weakness.  I did not however, view it as an open excuse to say screw the whole day and mark it off as a loss.  For years, I've been someone who saw a cheat as derailing the day (and in some cases, if you screw up a day, then the week is shot and you may as well just give up until Monday and start over).  I feel like it's a small victory for me mentally to be able to slip and get right back on the horse and I'm proud of that.

It was a little bit of a struggle to have sardines for my afternoon snack in lieu of going back for a second helping, but I did manage to hold out.  I also decided to hang up a picture of Christmas Abbott on my bulletin board in my office (if you don't know who Christmas Abbott is, you should learn - she's pretty damn badass) doing a perfect pistol squat and someday, I'd like to think that I can be a quarter as badass as she is.  Hoping that will motivate me to just say no to the toffee bar next time... we shall see.

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