Sunday, May 1, 2011

Opening Day of Gardening Season

So it's official!  My garden is in the ground!  After an afternoon of weeding, tilling (without a mechanical tiller), and de-rooting my mini backyard plot, I have a garden that I'm hoping will produce a bountiful crop of herbs and vegetables over the next few months.  It's been quite a while since I've been able to have an actual garden.  Living in Boston definitely put a strain on space as well as how much time I actually wanted to spend in my "backyard."  See, living in the sticks (I guess I'm exaggerating a little calling Nashua the sticks but remember, I'm speaking in relative terms here) has it's benefits. 

So below is a map of what I opted to plant for the first round of the season.  I'm holding back on the tomatoes until it gets a little warmer.  I'd love some feedback from anyone who has more experience with growing their own produce.  Books are great but experience is invaluable...

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