Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Little Sluggish - Day 17

On the roller coaster of the Whole 30, today was definitely a valley, not a peak.  All day, there was a certain fatigue that I just couldn't shake.  I was more than satisfied after each of my meals, it just felt like no matter how full I was, I just couldn't up my energy.

Our workout was challenging at the gym tonight and afterwards, I had that nauseous feeling you get when you try and workout on an empty stomach, but I had eaten about an hour beforehand, making it even more uncomfortable.   I had gotten a decent night of sleep prior, I had eaten well but I just couldn't shake the fatigue.  Honestly, it was a little frustrating.  I know there can be set backs at any point but it's  kind of annoying when I'm putting in so much effort to stick with this plan and then I feel like I was beaten with a stick.  I'm over the halfway hump, which I'm pretty proud of and just hoping this feeling will pass quickly.

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