Sunday, October 20, 2013

Entering the Home Stretch - Day 20

So I'm really glad that today was a better day with regard to controlling cravings because it was also riddled with temptation.

We started the day by having some friends from the gym over for brunch.  They're also in the middle of a Whole 30 and we thought it would be fun to have them over and celebrate the 2/3 of the way milestone.  It's also nice to be around other people that understand the challenges of the roller coaster you've been on.  We enjoyed corned beef & sweet potato hash, smoked bacon, over easy eggs, sautéed kale, seared bananas and fresh fruit salad.  Not half bad for a Whole 30 spread, eh?

Afterwards, we went to help out the gym at the Hudson Pumpkinfest.  They were spreading the bug of Cross Fit with some work out demos, rowing races and PR ladders.  It was actually a really fun afternoon and possibly one of the last gorgeous days to be outside that we can expect this year.  The downside?  Pumpkinfest is a fair - fried foods galore, cotton candy, food trucks serving poutine, deep fried PB&J and kettle corn.  Not to mention the bowl of Reeses pumpkins and Snickers bars sitting on the table all day.  It was challenging, and had I been dealing with the cravings I was having on Friday, I'm not completely convinced that I could have had the willpower to withstand.  Like I've said before, being surrounded by people who are supportive and encouraging really does help!  Thanks everyone for keeping me on track, wether or not you know it - you've all been a huge part in this being successful.

On an unrelated note, go Red Sox!

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