Monday, October 14, 2013

A Really Kick Ass Steak - Day 14

So despite the fact that I was able to stick to the Whole 30 guidelines yesterday, my calorie intake was still on the higher side and I wanted to make sure I wasn't undoing all of the progress I've made so far on the weight loss front.  Sunday is traditionally our grocery shopping day and errand day and I made sure to watch my calorie intake throughout the day.  We also had some friends over for dinner and I wanted to make something that they'd also enjoy, despite not being on the Whole 30.

One thing I remembered reading from the Whole 9 Life website before I began this endeavor was that yes, 100% cacao is allowed on the plan but to treat it as a spice or a seasoning.  I tossed some cacao nibs, Kona coffee beans, cumin, paprika and a mole seasoning blend into a spice grinder to created a course rub for some fantastic looking rib eyes.  It formed this amazing crust that complimented the earthiness of the meat.  The fat marbled into the meat melted in the cast iron skillet to help caramelize the crust adding a texture to the mouthfeel that was seriously incredible.

It's been kind of cool to step outside of my comfort zone with flavors and food preparation.  I think I had put myself in a little bit of a rut and cutting aspects out of my diet has really helped me find new ways to coax out flavors and textures.

Excited for the Columbus Day holiday tomorrow so I can spend some time prepping food for the week!

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