Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hoping to Inspire - Day 24

So despite the ups and downs I've experienced over the past 24 days, I really do consider this to be a fantastic experience.  Overall, I feel healthier, cleaner (if that makes any sense) and stronger than I did prior to the program.  With six days left, I really do have the intention of maintaining this after the fact - and I promise periodic updates to hold myself accountable.  With our box's 2014 Winter Games, the CrossFit Open and committing to a 2014 Tough Mudder all on the calendar for the next six months, the last thing I intend to do is undo the progress I've made.  Will I stick to it with the 100% level of commitment I've committed to for thirty days?  Probably not, but I will commit to making better choices overall.

With that being said, I would love the opportunity to inspire my readers to try their own Whole 30.  I'm hosting a giveaway to win a Whole 30 Prep Pack.  Check it out here: and you can enter daily for a chance to win your own hardcover copy of "It Starts With Food," an EZ Freeze Bento Box Lunch container to help with meal prep and a Primal Kitchen Snack Pack filled with Whole 30 approved treats.  Check it out.  Who doesn't like free stuff?

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