Friday, October 11, 2013

Screw You Pintrest - Day 11

Lesson learned - looking at Pintrest while on the Whole 30 is not a great idea.  While eating rotisserie chicken and sautéed kale, I don't want to know how to make double chocolate peanut butter fudge cream cheese brownies and cheesy twice baked potato skins.  I just don't.  It really is a giant photo album of foods that I can't (and honestly in many ways, don't want to) eat right now and looking at it just put me in a bad place mentally.

I will be boycotting the social media site for the next 19 days in hopes of refocusing my energy on all of the positive things I'm doing.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the endless collection of recipes, craft ideas and decorating ideas but we're taking a little time apart.

Aside from that, today actually went pretty well.  I felt a bit more back on track without the intense cravings and hunger pains.  I took a rest day from my workouts because I've had some pretty intense soreness in my lower back and hips and just felt a day off may be the best course of action.  Friday, we're attempting PR's (personal records) at the gym and I'm hoping a day off will help me add a few extra pounds.  Wish me luck!

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