Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Accepting the Need to Rest - Day 22

So I sucked it up and took a full rest day today.  I ate my protein, I foam rolled, did my mobility exercises - go me!  I'm not going to lie and say it was an easy thing to do because it wasn't, but I did it (and I needed it).  I know it's a mind game - I'm fully aware the I'm not a failure for not going to the gym for a day and my week is not ruined, it's just a mental hurdle I need to work through.

The hardest part was honestly being home while James was working out because it gave me the opportunity to think about all of the foods that I can't have.  I'm a big fan of distraction when it comes to committing to things.  If I'm not constantly preoccupied with something, it's much easier to stick with a plan.  Idle time when I'm home along has definitely proved the hardest for me.  On the upside, the end is truly in sight and I can already feel the rush of accomplishment when I finish.  Just 8 days to go!

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