Friday, October 18, 2013

Eat All the Things (part 2) - Day 19

So remember how in yesterday's recap I talked about not being hungry all day?  Yeah... that wasn't the case today.  All day, I felt like I was within millimeters of breaking.  I wanted chocolate, potato chips, pizza, ice cream, crackers - you name it.  If I can't have it, I wanted it.

I don't normally crave sugar.  I'm not going to say I don't enjoy desserts, but given the choice, salty, fried and crunchy will nearly always win.  Today, I may have killed someone for a cupcake if the option was presented to me.  The hardest part?  One of the Whole 30 fundamentals is not giving in to the "sugar monster."  Things like dates and Lara Bars are approved, but you're not supposed to eat them to kill a sugar craving because to your brain, there's no difference between a bag of dates and a bag of gummy bears.  The idea is to train yourself that you're in control of your cravings and they don't control you.  I feel like I deserve a point because I didn't give in, despite how bad I wanted to.  Go me!

Even though I didn't cave, I'm not going to downplay how challenging today was.  I had a hard time not devouring every piece of food in the house, paleo or not.  I may have overeaten a bit and given in to snacking, but I stayed to the approved list, so there's that.  Sometimes, I'm willing to accept that it's about winning little battles.

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