Sunday, October 13, 2013

Yes, I Can Still Live My Life - Day 13

So I managed to stick to the Whole 30 today, despite meeting a friend for lunch at a bar, having dinner at one of my favorite restaurants and going to a baseball game.  If that's not a day that proves that this isn't impossible, I don't know what is.

I met my friend Ben for lunch at The Peddler's Daughter, an Irish bar in Nashua, NH.  Yes, it's a bar, but they have a scratch kitchen which I must say, made this a lot easier.  I had their Breakfast Burger (8oz of beef, applewood smoked bacon, sliced tomato and a sunny side up farm egg) without the bun and cheese and enjoyed every protein-laden bite.  I know it wasn't grass-fed beef, but for bar food, I'd be happy eating it even if I wasn't Whole 30-ing.

For dinner, James and I went to Barcelona Wine Bar in Brookline, MA.  I'm a huge advocate of any good tapas restaurant and the fact that Barcelona is one of my clients doesn't hurt.  I was actually a little more intimidated going in than I was with lunch, but I really tried to keep to the idea that my end goal is worth so much more than the immediate gratification of any one food.  We found six mouth watering, decadent options subsisting of meat and vegetables, void of gluten, dairy and added sugars.  I opted for a club soda in lieu of my go-to glass of Rioja, which I'm not going to pretend was half as good, but it's okay.  We had an incredible meal out, were able to enjoy each other's company and I didn't have to compromise my goals.  Yay, winner!

We ended the evening at Fenway park, which included a baseball game that I'm not going to talk about because then you'll be reading my rant about poor umpiring skills and let's be honest, you didn't ask for that.  I brought my own strawberry infused seltzer water and a chia seed kombucha and honestly, enjoyed both more than any $8 beer I've had there in the past.  I may have had to explain with kombucha is to the woman checking my purse, but I'm such an advocate of the sealed beverages rule at the park.

All in all, I really managed to live my life, eat out and still maintain the goal I set for myself.  I'd call it a pretty successful (and enjoyable) day.

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